Ray Finkle On Sports Center!?

Follow OnceUponADadTime on Facebook “So have you heard of the Miami Dolphins new kicker Ray Finkle?”  ” Oh yeah I heard them talking about him on Sports Center last night.”  “Wait, what!?” Some years ago I worked with this guy known as Shag.  No one compared to this guy.  The events in his life neverContinue reading “Ray Finkle On Sports Center!?”

The Last Weltzbarker

The night was dark, and the wind blew at an unforgiving negative thirty degrees Fahrenheit.  Icicles formed over his cheeks where the tears of loneliness fell from his blood covered face.  His body was not cold, as it was covered in the warm blood of his fellow comrade who gave his life by falling ontoContinue reading “The Last Weltzbarker”