Cleaning With Kids (5 Easy steps)

Loss of breath, legs giving out, and you need to go to the restroom.  The side effects of hearing those godawful words “time to clean up!”  Fortunately for you, the parent, that incantation only works on children, and you are free to tidy up till your heart’s desire.  What if there was a way toContinue reading “Cleaning With Kids (5 Easy steps)”

Only Kids Deal in Absolutes

Three boys and no Star Wars kids!  I do not think my kids would last long if Anakin Skywalker were their father.  I try time and time again to get them interested by skipping to only the light saber duels but to no avail.  My seven-year-old once told me he hates Star Wars.  Well buddy,Continue reading “Only Kids Deal in Absolutes”