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Gale – Stay Away From OZ

Gale – Stay Away From OZ

Epic, classic and generational, the Wizard of Oz is granted VIP status among movie collections of yesterday and today. Living off of its name recognition has been done in the past and with little success. Did you even know there is a part two? A growing trend has emerged to alter these childhood classics in horror films for adults. Although I am not a fan, it did spark my interest when I stumbled upon the title using Dorothy’s last name exclusively.

The trailer did little to further my curiosity as it basically left me still in Kansas. The elderly woman is revealed to be Dorothy Gale, her grand daughter resembles her in her youth, and an evil presence has taken over Dorothy apparently for some time now. Very little was given away as this can be seen as either good or bad. Revealing too much in a trailer gives people a chance to guess the plot twist consequently not watching the movie. On the other hand if a film does not have enough depth, it basically can be summed up in the trailer making viewing it redundant.

Gale – Stay Away From Oz has no release date yet and it is unknown on what platform it will be debuting.

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