Crystal Lake

Jason Voorhees, an unstoppable serial killer relying on brute strength to finish off his victims. The bloody hockey mask is iconic yet many desire to know the monster behind the mask. Jason’s back story is tragic the way he was made fun of and drowned but has never been explored in depth, no pun intended.Continue reading “Crystal Lake”

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Hagrid as The Pope

Follow OnceUponADadTime on Facebook Controversial, sacrilegious and offensive described The Pope Must Die in 1991 starring Robbie Coltrane, aka Hagrid from Harry Potter.  Comparable to the Naked Gun from 1988, finding promotion for the movie proved difficult.  In today’s politically correct world  it may have found it impossible to get into the mainstream market.  TheContinue reading “Hagrid as The Pope”

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Abagail’s Zoo

Follow OnceUponADadTime on Facebook The loud screeching of nails echoed over the surveillance system causing a sharp ringing in my ears.  I struggled to click mute on the monitor with a startled sense of urgency.  My ears would need to recover however my eyes purveyed the screens to uncover the cause of this disruption.  WorkingContinue reading “Abagail’s Zoo”

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The Light Of The Ocean

Follow OnceUponADadTime on Facebook One Of A Kind describes you just fine,    Your very nature is to be kind. You lift others up when they’re feeling down,    Teaching others to fish rather than sitting around. Your heart is so big that it rests on your shoulders,    With burdens of others as heavy as boulders. YourContinue reading “The Light Of The Ocean”

Ray Finkle On Sports Center!?

Follow OnceUponADadTime on Facebook “So have you heard of the Miami Dolphins new kicker Ray Finkle?”  ” Oh yeah I heard them talking about him on Sports Center last night.”  “Wait, what!?” Some years ago I worked with this guy known as Shag.  No one compared to this guy.  The events in his life neverContinue reading “Ray Finkle On Sports Center!?”

Return of the Ketchup King

Three hundred million volts of electricity lit up the Alvin sky as I struggled to push open my van door against the gust of wind.  A storm was imminent and the order was already late.  Service at Kelly’s was quick and courteous unlike the Mindflayer esk clouds looming above me.  As I secured the deliveryContinue reading “Return of the Ketchup King”

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Ketchup King

I was bleeding out everywhere all for five dollars.  “Ask for lots of extra ketchup,” he said.  Second chances in life are not guaranteed and neither are tips.  Luckily my second opportunity to deliver to “The Ketchup King” drenched his meal in crimson condiment rather than my shirt in red blood. Weeks ago I deliveredContinue reading “Ketchup King”

Stranger Things Season 4 Finale Death

My favorite character just died!  The Duffer brothers have gone too far this time.  Am I upset?  Yes.  Am I going to boycott season five, the final season?  Not a chance.  Now it is personal. This will no doubt be some of you at the end of season four but how likely will it beContinue reading “Stranger Things Season 4 Finale Death”

5 Father’s Day Ideas For Geek Dads

Video games, comic books, professional wrestling, star wars and movie theaters.  If you used to ask your father for these when you were a child but now you’re asking your kids, you might be a geek dad.  Father’s Day is less than a week away and being one of those dads has inspired me toContinue reading “5 Father’s Day Ideas For Geek Dads”