Wanna Fanta?

No thank you ma’am, I do not.  Some flavors are better left alone.  Especially Pina Colada Fanta!  I have fond memories drinking one of these wine coolers as a kid playing in my friend’s kiddy pool with some action figures.  Yes, back in the day when everything was not so politically correct, and kids couldContinue reading “Wanna Fanta?”

Why Read Once Upon A Dad Time?

It is real. This blog is the real opinions, reviews, works and life of a real father who has chosen to chronicle it on http://www.onceuponadadtime.com. I love to write and need an outlet to express my creativity. The regular 6 am- 4 pm M-F is killing my family and I as I spend all myContinue reading “Why Read Once Upon A Dad Time?”