Hogwarts Legacy Release!

Delayed until 2022, Hogwarts Legacy has Harry Potter fans enthusiasm in the palm of its hand.  This set back may have a lot of you upset at first but before you raise your wands ready to cast Avada Kedavra, remember rushing a quality game could cause it to go diagonally. Cyberpunk 2077, hyped to becomeContinue reading “Hogwarts Legacy Release!”


275 Arcade games, unlimited play, and $10 entry!  Cidercade is a fathers dream for showing their kids the games they grew up on.  Kids also are exposed to the old school nostalgia of being in an arcade, which is rare nowadays. At first, I was just chasing my kids around making sure nobody abducted themContinue reading “CIDERCADE IS TOO SWEET!”

The Last Weltzbarker

The night was dark, and the wind blew at an unforgiving negative thirty degrees Fahrenheit.  Icicles formed over his cheeks where the tears of loneliness fell from his blood covered face.  His body was not cold, as it was covered in the warm blood of his fellow comrade who gave his life by falling ontoContinue reading “The Last Weltzbarker”

Army of the Dead

(non-spoiler) Zombie tiger, Bautista, and the “City That Never Dies!”  Released on May 21, 2021 on Netflix of all places, Army of the Dead looks entertaining and creative.  Bautista was dominating in WWE but left the company for the same reasons I quit watching the product, it felt weak and lacked attitude.  I have becomeContinue reading “Army of the Dead”

Magical Beans and The Black Pearl

What does vomit taste like?  Like vomit!  Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans literally are every flavor.  My wife and I were about to have a long overdue date without the kids, and I thought it would be a nice treat to share a pack of these magical jellybeans we bought last time we went toContinue reading “Magical Beans and The Black Pearl”

Only Kids Deal in Absolutes

Three boys and no Star Wars kids!  I do not think my kids would last long if Anakin Skywalker were their father.  I try time and time again to get them interested by skipping to only the light saber duels but to no avail.  My seven-year-old once told me he hates Star Wars.  Well buddy,Continue reading “Only Kids Deal in Absolutes”


Imagine telling such an epic tale that you get an international holiday named after your creation.  Author J.K. Rowling, from living in her car, to guiding children of all ages and cultures into enjoying literary works of fiction again, imagined the unimaginable.  She opened kids’ hearts to the inside cover of books filled with magicContinue reading “YOU’RE A HOLIDAY HARRY!”


(non-spoiler) Whether Mortal Kombat does it “for the Lin Kuei,” or just wants you to “get over here,” it has tested its’ might with fans and split the bricks down the middle.  Just like in the game franchise, you are either team Scorpion or team Sub-zero.  Fans either hate this movie or love this movie. Continue reading “MK 2021: TEST YOUR MIGHT”