Stranger Things Season 4 Finale Death

My favorite character just died!  The Duffer brothers have gone too far this time.  Am I upset?  Yes.  Am I going to boycott season five, the final season?  Not a chance.  Now it is personal. This will no doubt be some of you at the end of season four but how likely will it beContinue reading “Stranger Things Season 4 Finale Death”

5 Father’s Day Ideas For Geek Dads

Video games, comic books, professional wrestling, star wars and movie theaters.  If you used to ask your father for these when you were a child but now you’re asking your kids, you might be a geek dad.  Father’s Day is less than a week away and being one of those dads has inspired me toContinue reading “5 Father’s Day Ideas For Geek Dads”

Alvin Museum

Field trips don’t have to be far or expensive.  Sometimes learning about the town you live in can be more satisfying than examining ancient artifacts from a civilization that you do not relate to.  After getting more involved with my children’s homeschool, local history has not only worked its way into my kids curriculum butContinue reading “Alvin Museum”

Newman’s Castle

If you build it, he will come.  So, let’s build a castle?  It seems to have worked for Mr. Newman as now I find myself touring his unorthodox home with a group of homeschoolers on an out-of-town field trip.  I’ve always wanted to explore a real-life castle hoping to one day go to Ireland butContinue reading “Newman’s Castle”

Cleaning With Kids (5 Easy steps)

Loss of breath, legs giving out, and you need to go to the restroom.  The side effects of hearing those godawful words “time to clean up!”  Fortunately for you, the parent, that incantation only works on children, and you are free to tidy up till your heart’s desire.  What if there was a way toContinue reading “Cleaning With Kids (5 Easy steps)”


Don’t touch the Jelly-pus!  It will tickle you. Why is it called a jellyfish when it obviously more closely resembles an octopus? An octopus’ body is more like a bag and has eight tentacles.  Jellyfish have the same body structure with numerous tentacles.  Their swimming mannerisms are similar as well.  The octopus has more powerContinue reading “THE JELLY-PUS”


“Did cave men run into each other,” asked my four-year-old?     “Of course not, that would be stupid,” I replied.  But were cave dwellers really that dumb?  Other animals do it.  Could they, do it?  Is this why they had short life spans? We watch creatures head butt each other all the time on discoveryContinue reading “CAVEMAN COLLISION”


Do you have any lollipops?  A special request on Halloween?  I am thirty-six years old and have never heard a kid, much less a Werewolf, request a certain candy when trick or treating on Halloween.  At least six houses in a row got that question from my four-year old last night and had to disappoint. Continue reading “HOODWINKED ON HALLOWEEN”