Don’t touch the Jelly-pus!  It will tickle you.

Why is it called a jellyfish when it obviously more closely resembles an octopus?

An octopus’ body is more like a bag and has eight tentacles.  Jellyfish have the same body structure with numerous tentacles.  Their swimming mannerisms are similar as well.  The octopus has more power because it utilizes its tentacles to swim.  Jellyfish squirt water to help propel them.  Getting away from a jellyfish is much easier.

Octopus are classified as invertebrates meaning animals with no backbone, the same as jellyfish.  They are the smartest invertebrates alive.  Even though you may be able to see the jellyfish’s huge brain, their intelligence is in question.  Nobody has ever been attacked by a jellyfish.  They literally score all their points by accident.  We capture these creatures’ way more than they catch us.


Many cultures eat octopus on a more regular basis than in the United States. 

Portugal actually has a dish named Polvo a’ Lagareiro which looks delicious.  Maybe if they were made into nuggets kids would eat them?  I’m not sure the easiest way to catch an octopus but I am pretty sure it in not from a tug and war contest. 

Can you eat jellyfish though?  Yes and no.  Only certain types of jellyfish are edible.  The toxic part must be cleaned thoroughly though.  Ever step on a dead jellyfish on the beach and still get stung?  You don’t want that feeling on your tongue! 

Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches are not a thing.  Jellyfish are probably not the most kid friendly food.  For the most part they are pickled or dried out and used on salads etc. Not sure how to make it more kid friendly.

NO BONE APPE’TIT (Polvo a’ Lagareiro)

Re-naming it the Jelly-pus is kid friendly from a marketing standpoint but will do your kids no favors. 

Just try telling your children to watch out for jelly-pus at the beach.  Next thing you know they will be petting one.  The name just sounds adorable.  Remember, it is not even a fish. 

This leads me to believe that the jellyfish was purposely titled fish and not pus by scientists to prevent injuries. 

Here is an experiment for parents.  Just try saying the word jelly-pus to your children.  Nine times out of ten they will laugh. 



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