Do you have any lollipops?  A special request on Halloween?  I am thirty-six years old and have never heard a kid, much less a Werewolf, request a certain candy when trick or treating on Halloween.  At least six houses in a row got that question from my four-year old last night and had to disappoint.  He was still very excited about the generosity of our neighborhood though. 

Werewolves like lollipops

His eight-year-old brother was a Werewolf as well.  The whole neighborhood learned that early as their howling riled all the dogs up on the block before heading out door to door with our friends.  The two-year-old was Paul Bunyan and my wife was Little Red Riding Hood.  He must have had super strength and endurance like him too because he refused to have anyone else carry his heavy haul of candy back home.

Axing for candy

My wife looked amazing as Little Red and stole the show appearance wise.  I may have got more second looks though.  Granny wolf was not my proudest moment.  My kids got a kick out of it though.  Especially with my Ric Flair socks on.  Woo! 

Worst dressed VS Best dressed

I want to know what your kids and you dressed up for as Halloween.  Please leave a comment below and don’t forget to click like and share this post with your friends.

Published by Charlie Layman

I like pro wrestling, Star Wars, fighting games, and martial arts movies. I have twelve years experience in grocery stores and eight in inventory for metal fabrication. My dream is to write full time as a career.

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