Hogwarts Legacy Release!

Delayed until 2022, Hogwarts Legacy has Harry Potter fans enthusiasm in the palm of its hand.  This set back may have a lot of you upset at first but before you raise your wands ready to cast Avada Kedavra, remember rushing a quality game could cause it to go diagonally.

Cyberpunk 2077, hyped to become game of the year.  The graphics were impressive however without quality game play even the most stunning visuals couldn’t save it.  I might even dub Cyberpunk “the game that lived” because it still ended up on the market broken.  Honestly, this became a novelty and I personally wanted to purchase the defective version just for a laugh.

Past great games have been delayed before.  Resident Evil 4, Half Life 2, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain and the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake, that I am currently showcasing to my kids right now.  Hopefully the delay is not years like Kingdom Hearts 3 was with an announcement in 2013 but release in 2019!  “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad,” said Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo.

Choose Good or Evil

The PS5 is going to be the optimal system to experience Hogwarts on with its new Dual Sense capabilities.  Imagine feeling the tension in your fingertips and the controller relaying that back to the game.  The sounds feel so close as they enter your personal space.  I do not own a next gen console yet but have friends that do.  The controller seems to be the difference maker from PS4.

Getting the full experience for this game with the PS5 comes with a heavy price.  Just getting the newer console alone will set you back around $498, with tax.  That by the way is the used price of the disc version on Gamestop’s website.  Gamestop does not even list the brand-new version at all!  That is how rare these consoles are right now. If you want it bad enough, Amazon and Ebay have them going anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 depending on the bundle!

Next gen is all about 4K as well.  Just like you had to upgrade from your grandma’s old box television to a flat screen 1080p for PS3, you will need higher quality for the full experience.  Most people prefer bigger T.V.’s but I think everyone agrees that at least a 32” is preferred.  So, you’re looking at around another $400.  Brand new A title games go for $75 now as well. 

Get sorted into your house

Portkey Games and Avalanche Studios will be teaming up to deliver this Hogwarts adventure to you which I feel is a good pairing.

Portkey currently offers Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, Puzzles Spells, Wizards Unite and Hogwarts Mystery.  Legacy however will be their most ambitious project yet.  Good to see a company already familiar with the magical universe giving all the Harry Potter fans what they have wanted forever.

Avalanche Studios will be the fans Hedwig as it will be delivering the experience to us all.  Probably best known for its Just Cause series, Avalanche has also put out Rage 2 and Mad Max to name a few more.

Open world games seem to be their forte.  Exploring Hogwarts is a dream come true for true fans of the J.K. Rowling series.

Distancing from controversial author

J.K. Rowling is not directly involved with the game.  The great author seems to have been pushed out of her own works due to her controversial views and comments regarding the LGBTQ community. 

So, what will be the fate of Hogwarts Legacy upon its official release in 2022? 

It could be totally buggy to the point where it is broken.  Basically, another Cyberpunk.  Worst case scenario which probably won’t happen. 

A decent game with a few glitches.  Enjoyable with some replay ability but overall, not revolutionary.

Game of the Year and by far the best gaming Harry Potter related experience ever!  Either case, I will purchase this game day one.  I have already lost my Playstation time to my eight-year-old and now he may be losing his to his mom.

Published by Charlie Layman

I like pro wrestling, Star Wars, fighting games, and martial arts movies. I have twelve years experience in grocery stores and eight in inventory for metal fabrication. My dream is to write full time as a career.

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