Army of the Dead


Zombie tiger, Bautista, and the “City That Never Dies!”  Released on May 21, 2021 on Netflix of all places, Army of the Dead looks entertaining and creative.  Bautista was dominating in WWE but left the company for the same reasons I quit watching the product, it felt weak and lacked attitude.  I have become even a bigger fan of him since his role in Guardians of the Galaxy as that is one of my kids and I favorite movies.  A Bautista Bomb is not going to be enough though to take out this hoard as director Zack Snyder has evolved the undead with abilities to organize, learn, and grossly enough have relationships judging by the trailer. 

Would I recommend allowing my kids to watch?  If your kids are normalized to zombies and gore, then yes.  I have not seen the movie yet and it got an R rating mainly for gore but that is probably it.  Do not let your children watch before bed though as you will be the one feeling like a zombie the next day after no sleep from your kids under your covers with you due to nightmares.

When will I review the movie?  Probably never.  My kids have not only got my PS4 put away for bad behavior but the T.V. as well.  My oldest is upset that he has been grounded from games for a week.  I have not been able to play for 11 weeks!  I guess we are just going to have to act out the movie.  Time for cheap guns and swords from Dollar Tree.  Inexpensive ghouls make up is easy also.  Just rub Elmer’s glue on the skin, let it dry, peal it a bit and add ketchup underneath to give your flesh a raw, bloody appearance.  Scare your kids and the Door Dash delivery person at the same time.

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I like pro wrestling, Star Wars, fighting games, and martial arts movies. I have twelve years experience in grocery stores and eight in inventory for metal fabrication. My dream is to write full time as a career.

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