The Broken Sunflower

There once was a sunflower whose hue was so bright,

its petals could pierce even the darkest of night.

Standing five foot six it would reach for the sky,

every day it would stretch another foot high.

Through the summer drought and winter snow,

no matter the weather it continued to grow.

In a garden of flowers stood a lonely weed,

engulfed in darkness needing to be freed.

Sharing its sunlight and water too,

one forever the two of them grew.

Storms took their toll and sadness began to show,

but somehow each day it continued to glow.

Then one day the wind was blowing so hard,

it blew its stem back until it was touching the yard.

Now it could see that it wasn’t as tall,

the weed had been cutting itself to be small.

In time the grass grew and created a wall,

their moments together gone once and for all.

Within the grass jungle there sprouted three plants,

hand to hand like an army of ants.

They extended their leaves from flower to weed,

reuniting the two again through seed.

Published by Charlie Layman

I like pro wrestling, Star Wars, fighting games, and martial arts movies. I have twelve years experience in grocery stores and eight in inventory for metal fabrication. My dream is to write full time as a career.

2 thoughts on “The Broken Sunflower

    1. Thanks. It represents my wife and me with our kids. I call my wife my sunflower. I feel roses are over rated. Sunflowers are bright, beautiful, useful and actually lift each other up. Sunflowers are way more valuable. When choosing a wife, ask yourself if she is a rose or a sunflower.


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